There are not many legal casinos in Poland, but the problem is not trivial. Most gamblers will not stop by their winnings. The vision of multiplying the money is too tempting. However, it is 100% illusory - the casino always has the advantage.

Most games, be they random or gambling games, are designed in such a way that the organizer has an advantage over the player. For example, statistically, only 40% of the return on investment can be achieved in Multi Multi Multi. There used to be an equal chance in roulette due to an equal number of red and black fields. In order to gain an advantage, an additional green field has been added, with which none of the bettors can win. Then the casino has a minimal advantage - but still an advantage. Statistically, it cannot be saved. It is worth to know about it when you join the game because it also applies to other games served in such places. What's more, the slot machines are programmed for a certain amount of profit and they won't let you win until they make money on their own.


This field study examined performance data from reel slot games located in two casinos. The paired design incorporated games that appeared identical to the players but featured substantially different, yet concealed, pars (i.e., prices). The results revealed significantly elevated revenues for the high-par games, despite egregious price hikes, while also failing to provide compelling evidence of rational play migration to the low-par games.