Very famous across the US, Jason Kurland, who is a self-proclaimed "lottery attorney", has allegedly robbed his clients of millions of dollars of jackpot winnings.

A prominent lawyer has been accused by New York City investigators of manipulating his clients into misinvesting their lottery winnings, which often cost millions of dollars. Accusations include money laundering, collusion and fraud. It is estimated that he managed to steal around $ 80 million from his customers with one simple flowchart. We are talking about big money, because one of his clients was, for example, a player who won a record 1.5 billion dollars in Mega Millions in 2018.

The pattern of the fraud was to offer the winners a poor investment in the business of the people with whom he colluded. In return for persuading the player, he received substantial sums of money from the owners. The defendant's defense attorney makes little sense that his client would not be charged if he were not Italian.

This lawyer has assisted players all over the country. He has even appeared on television touted as the big wins specialist. He always said that a player who won millions should not manage such large sums alone so as not to suffer losses. In light of the accusations made against him, it sounds quite ironic.

Meanwhile, New York prosecutors describe how much the suspect has earned in the entire procedure. He enjoyed many luxuries such as exotic vacations, private jet cruises or his own yachts. The whole procedure was created thanks to the use of the euphoria that accompanies lottery winners. Most of the winners are unable to dispose of their property on their own, which leads to abuse by third parties. The more outrageous is the fact that the crime was committed by a person who should help the player in this situation.